Targeting Physical Appearance.


One of the many comments from a Regretsy fan about this woman:

It’s the ethereal smile beaming from her puffy, mullet-framed cheeks that really present the full force of the universe to me. Her presence and obvious station in life tell me that she’s a powerful spirit with possession of otherworldly talents. Like the talent to eat two servings of super nachos at the Piggly Wiggly, wash it down with a Mountain Dew, and then get paid $40 to burp her way through a bullshit session with a stranger while resting her distended ankles on the LA-Z-Boy. Oh wait: zero sales. Never mind.


I’d like to offer her a new hair do on Etsy.

And the following picture is of the face of the person who mocks others; justified? You can answer that for yourself…although it’s hard to see past all that makeup, I guess someone thought she needed it.

"Hellen Killer"


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