Shitting on other people’s happiness

This is a post made by Regretsy on April 1st. A woman (Debra) dared to state her own opinions about how she didn’t agree with the negative comments under the post, how dare she think for herself!!  I don’t  agree with Debra’s stance but I couldn’t believe how the Regretsy fans were attacking her. And as if that wasn’t enough Winchell led her fans to Debra’s blog where they all began personally attacking Debra’s writing and other unrelated-to-Regretsy things:


Aaaaaaaand a few of the comments that followed:

….they keep going,and going and going…

I mean really, was any of that necessary? And why does Winchell lead her fans to “troll” Debra’s blog and Twitter account? All Debra did was state an opinion in the initial Regretsy post. I think this type of thread is on the verge of harassment.


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