Encouraging Attacks Against Others Who Have Opinions


Regretsy fan comment #1:

She’s clearly an idiot who doesn’t know how to read.


This just reminded me that I hate people so fucking much sometimes.


Sounds like @danielle172 needs a tampon and some Midol. I just got a case of each from Costco. I could help her out.


what a b*tch…god, some people are such idiots..you’re the best and you bring a ton of laughter into people’s life…Danielle needs to get a freaking life


“I’m a clueless moron who can’t understand obviously-stated, well-intentioned posts. Apologize to me for my inability to use contextual analysis! I demand satisfaction!”


I find it positively tragic that someone with so much pull and posterity will no longer contribute her tweetering towards Regretsy’s betterment. I’ll bet her whole Mary Kay clutch will no longer visit the site, either, which is a fucking shame.
As Judge Judy says, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Perhaps danielle172 will have plenty of time to reflect on putting her action ahead of her menopausal mind as the interwebs fall down in her in all their righteous zeal.


What a twat.



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