“Tom”‘s negative review on the new Regretsy book


Posted by “Tom” (a thorn in the *ss for AW as she continuously posts about him on her Regretsy site to encourage her entourage to poke fun/harass “him”).

This book must be for a certain cult following of a website of the same name. The advantage of this book is that it shows the junk some people try to pass off as art on a website called Etsy. I had heard of Etsy but never visited it, and this book has convinced me it is not a place to shop for decent stuff, but might be good for someone looking for the bizarre or outrageous. It’s really hard to understand the point of this book. I guess you have to be a follower of the author’s website. If it’s your thing, then read the book at the library or snag a used copy cheap. There are already a lot of used copies for sale right here on Amazon. Unless you are an “insider”, you probably won’t understand this book. It’s certainly not geared for general readership and is more of propaganda as to why the public might not want to shop at Etsy. If you give this book a poor review, the author will post it on her Facebook site and cyberbully you. She has done this with more than one bad review. Her FB followers will then join in the bullying, as if no one else is entitled to have an opinion. It was even suggested that one person who gave a bad review commit suicide. Apparently, the author can dish out criticism, but can’t take it. Random House should feel ashamed for this behavior and it certainly leaves others apprehensive to post reviews. Maybe RH is encouraging this so the rating is higher and sales are better? Who knows, but it is highly unprofessional and immature, IMO. Certainly not behavior you would expect from an author.

Comments from Regretsy (Facebook) fans after Winchell posts this on her page:

  • Well the guy is obviously an idiot with no sense of humor
  • [Winchell] linked to some idiot’s review on a website where literally anyone can say anything. This person gave a review that didn’t make much sense and was pretty obviously planted by a disgruntled Etsy seller who lied about whether or not he’d ever heard of Regretsy or Etsy before. If you had been paying attention, you’d have seen the part where he came on to this thread and basically proved that to us all, (unless after writing his bad review he went searching for the fan page related to the book he didn’t like about the thing he didn’t understand and became a fan).
  • What’s frightening to me is this person claims to be a professor of fine arts. Each day my heart cries a little more for the children.
  • Tom is a retard. So sad.
  • Regretsy Randy, everything is edited for the sake of humor. I edit down the seller’s listings as well. But as with this review, everything is linked so you can read it before forming an opinion. I’m not trying to give you your viewpoint, I’m trying to interest you enough to look at the source!
Fidel: Oh yes, Helen, I’m sure you had no ill intentions by posting this.


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